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Cash back – what is it?

When you choose the store at and click on “Start shopping” or “View Coupons” buttons, we earn a sales commission from that store on everything you purchase. We split it with You. Your purchase become cheaper with us in comparison with regular shopping!!!


What does the entry above the "Start shopping" button mean "Up to ...% Cash Back"?

This entry means that the merchant pays a different commission amount for purchases of different groups of products. We can not foresee what will be bought by a customer in advance, therefore we specify the maximum possible Cash Back amount.


Can I earn cash back on worldwide?

Yes. You can get paid via PayPal.


What must I do to use my Cash Back payments?

Your Cash Back payments become available to you as soon as the expiration date for product returns has expired and the seller has not detected a violation of the Purchase Rules. Once your purchases are past the 90 day no-return window , your Cash Back is available for payment ($ 10 Minimum Payment).

Under “My account” within the "My Payments" option, click on the green button to "Request Payout”. Next, select the payment option through PayPal and fill in the required information.

Payment will be posted within 5 business days.


How fast cash back appear in my account?

As soon as the store notifies us, will email you to let you know that you have earned cash back. It typically takes 1-4 days, but sometimes up to 20.


What's mean  the Status in Cash Back Earning?

  1. Posted by me - The transaction has been submitted for processing by client but CashBack77 have not yet received confirmation from the store. 
  2. Pending - Your cash back on a specific purchase will be in status "Pending" until the return time on that purchase has passed. Return times are standardized for all merchants to be a period of 90 days. The return time does not only reflect the time allowed to return the item to the merchant, but also the time allowed for the merchant to cancel the commission paid to CashBack77 for reasons including but not limited to returns due to product defect, invalid coupon use, or fraudulent orders.
  3. Available - Your cash back on a specific purchase will become “Available” for withdrawal once the return time on that purchase has passed. Once the 90 day return time passes, the cash back for those purchases becomes Available and cash back can be withdrawn ($10 Available minimum). You need to click for this on the button Payout.


What's mean  the Status in Cash Back Payout?

  1. 1. Posted - The transaction has been submitted for processing but you have not yet received

funds.  Posted transactions cannot be voided or refunded.

  1. 2. Paid - The payment transaction has been completed and funds have been deposited in your

bank account. Cash back is Posted until it is Paid (usually within 5 business days).


What I need to do for cash back? (DO's and DON'Ts)

  • DO enable cookies on your browser while you are shopping. Stores use cookies to track your purchase so you can get cash back from! Remember, if the store doesn't track your purchase, does not receive a sales commission, which means we can't pay the cash back. Some browser extensions that block ads while on the internet, such as Adblock and Adblock Plus, will prevent you from earning cash back.
  • DO click through to the store from Clicking to from other websites or typing the store's website directly into your web browser without going through will invalidate your cash back. Make sure that you don't click any other links to the store's website after clicking through from If you place an order at a store's website but forgot to click through first, your order is not eligible for cash back.
  • DO make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click through to the store from In order to earn cash back, some stores require that your shopping cart be empty when you click from to the store's website. Some stores keep track of when you put items in your shopping cart and if you don't do it after you clicked through from, it's possible that you won't earn cash back.
  • DON'T use coupons from sources other than Some stores track the codes you use and don't allow cash back if you use a code from somewhere other than This includes codes you receive in an email from the store, on social media sites, on blogs, in postal mailings, etc. DO figure out the best deal for you with all of your options, but know that combining outside coupons with cash back usually doesn't work.
  • DON'T delete cookies while you are shopping. Unfortunately, if you happen to delete cookies while in the middle of an shopping session, the cash back will not be tracked. Wait until after all of your shopping is complete before you consider deleting cookies.
  • DON'T close the store website while shopping. If you do close the window, you must go back to the store page and click through from to start a new session.
  • DON'T checkout multiple times at an online store without clicking back through If you want to keep shopping after checking out the first time, you must go back to and click back through to the store again. Even if you are ordering the same item at the same store but in a new order, you need to have a new record of clicking through to the store to go with your new order. So, after every checkout, go back to to start again and click back to the same store or select a new store.


Can the same merchant supply products within different countries?

In most cases, yes. But the cost and time of delivery of goods to different countries may differ. On our site, merchants are listed as to which countries they can deliver to. In addition, merchants are listed as to different Cash Back offers that are paid within different countries. For example, Bloomigdales Australia pays 3% Cash Back, while Bloomigdales USA only pays 1.5%.